Monday Night Paint-Splashing

                                                                Watercolor penguin (sans flippers) trial

                                                                Watercolor penguin (sans flippers) trial

Monday Night Marlo here. Tonight, it's all penguins all the time. And maybe some sea ice. 

Kev and I are done with sketchy penguins. (And if you know Adélie penguins, you'll know they can be a bit sketchy.) We're ready to insert some final art into the first part of our animation! 

Ooops! Kev now has them swooping gracefully up out of the water and landing on the sea ice with much cuteness. 

So, this is the point at which we need to make some more serious decisions re medium and style, and then I need to pull that off. While I tried some pencil + digital oil penguins, they felt quite wrong for this project.


Real watercolor — which I've been using for my Polar Ice Sketch Project, for the painting demos I've posted here, and for the sample animation Kev and I created for APECS — seems like the natural choice.

I experimented over the weekend...

I'm not sure I've made exactly the right penguins yet, so paint penguins I shall continue to do!